well, the federal police seem to be handling the paperwork extremely quickly….what a relief! unfortunately, now, i’m beginning to feel a bit sad to be parting with ushi. well, maybe guilty is a better way to describe the emotion.

when i was in elementary school, our guinea pig, Porter, birthed a litter of guinea piglets. we tried to give them away to friends and family….but we still had quite a few left. eventually, we found a pet store willing to take them. as we were walking out of the pet shop we realized something: there were no furry pets there….just snakes and reptiles.

as i prepare to hand over ushi to the homicide division of the federal police force in curitiba, i can’t help but feel a similar emotion. somehow i don’t see the police driving ushi around the favelas (where apparently there are 6 homicides/day….mostly crack related).

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