this morning i searched (and found) the bakery for le fournil (the other places just sold the bread). the bakery is near the airport, in the outskirts of the city. the business park features organizations like FedEx, Rolex, FlowValve, etc. the area outside the business park is probably one of the more dangerous areas of santiago….but to me it looked like one of the safer areas of panama city, teguicigalpa, etc. instead of finding a quaint little bakery, i found a massive steel building with the logo of Breden Master. Le Fournil’s bread is still good, but it’s lost some of that charm. Breden Master sells their products under a number of different labels. i tried getting a tour or a job….but i was rejected. finally, after loitering around the reception for 30min, i got a phone number and email of some higher ups in the Breden Master bureaucracy. this afternoon i went to an indoor rock climbing gym. there were some very good climbers and i expect that this is one of the better gyms in Santiago (and thus Chile). The bouldering section was nice and big. The climbing area, though, had a few surprising differences from those in the US (and australia, according to the guy i went with). first, you don’t have to take a test to begin climbing (for liability reasons, in the us you always have to prove that you know how to belay, tie the knots, etc.) second, the climbing section had no floor padding (in the us, they always have some sort of foam/rubber). third, the gym was surprisingly cheap ($5 for an all-day pass). granted the gym was not as big or nice as the ones i’ve gone to in the states, but it was still fun.

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