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The Story
Ushi is a 1994 Nissan Sentra LE. Ushi & I left San Francisco, USA on May 13, 2009. We drove South -- just about as far as you can go. We had quite a few adventures along the way -- from corrupt cops to high mountain passes. In the end, I gave up before Ushi -- who now resides in Curitiba, Brazil.

The Camera
My brother's concept originally. Using CHDK, I enabled my Canon camera to capture timelapse images. My friend Mark helped me to cleverly mount the camera onto my passenger visor, so I could easily hide the camera when I wasn't driving. Using my OLPC & the internet, I uploaded the pictures every few days. Surprisingly, no animals were harmed during the filming.

The Footage
Unfortunately, 30 seconds can be a long time between shots. Along the way, I sometimes switched the camera into video mode. Maybe you can find those hidden gems. The videos are low quality so that people with bad internet connections can appreciate this website too. If you are interested in seeing higher quality images or video (...I have over 100gigabytes of content), please contact me (beto [at] sentradiaries [dot] com).

The Website
HTML5 is a relatively new technology which allows people to easily display video/audio without using proprietary formats. Unfortunately, not all browsers support HTML5 at this time. As of August 2010, this site is best viewed on Chrome or Safari; Opera & Firefox have limited functionalities; and Internet Explorer does not support HTML5.

The Miles
Ushi began the trek at 145,278 miles old. We ended our trip together at mile 172,673. The videos show the actual vehicle mileage, while the title bar shows the journey mileage.

The Passengers
(in chronological order) Thank you to Patrik, Francois, Tessa, Gabriel & Adrian for driving with us.

The Legal Stuff
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