note: mile counter is wrong

over the next few weeks, i’ll hopefully be processing data gathered from the trip and posting it on sentradiaries…..stuff like the timelapse pictures (taken every 30 sec) or detailed gas mileage.
also, i may be having a sentradiaries reception in san francisco. if you want to attend, shoot me an email at beto@sentradiaries.com & i’ll be sure to include you in the invitation (if it happens).
in the meantime, here are a few stats from the trip:

MILES DRIVEN: _________ 27,395 miles (172,673 – 145,278…..plus another 50ish miles, when I drove with a broken odometer)

FUEL EFFICIENCY:______ 30.9 mpg (27,395 miles / 886.8 gal)

AD REVENUE:___________ $10

BRIBES PAID:__________ $60 and half a bag of granola

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