note: location is santiago, chile

today started off slow. i ended up calling the very nice secretary at Universidad Catolica and she told me to hop on over. they seem to be the nicest university in santiago (they’re semi-private). there, i met with one guy and then hung around waiting for others to finish lectures, etc. it was nice hanging out with gloria, though….she’s really friendly and helpful. then, she arranged a meeting with another prof there….who seems smart and has the first exciting projects i’ve seen in all of chile! it turns out that they also have a vacancy. with such promising results, i rushed over the us embassy to learn about getting a work visa (and how to deal with the sentra) — they’re closed in the afternoon…so more on that tomorrow.

finally, i went to another meeting with an organization that i’ve been talking to over the last couple weeks. every meeting they lose a little more respect…especially at this one. but they mean well, so i’ll keep working with them…and maybe something good will come from it.

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